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Siemens air-insulated medium voltage switchgear NXAirS designed in a global network specifically for Chinese market requirements. Adhering to the concept of "High Quality" concept, NXAirS switchgear has been reliably operating in China for decades. The entire range of medium-voltage from 12 kV to 40.5 kV will be covered with NXAirS solutions. With its outstanding performance, NXAirS air-insulated medium voltage switchgear has been recognized in a leadership position in primary power distribution market by our customers. Smart functionality has been well applied in NXAirS air-insulated medium voltage switchgear. Represented by real-time monitoring, visualization of information and big data processing. These technologies ensure that the prediction of health trends of the switchgear and related switching operations are completed before accidents occur. The integration of SIQuench arc quenching system in NXAirS 12 kV air-insulated medium voltage switchgear is a manifestation of this concept. As a fast arc quenching device, SIQuench is an active system with Siemens unique technology, which can detect and extinguish an internal arc in about 5 ms. This minimizes the risks for operators and avoids the additional costs caused by an internal arc through equipment damage or power supply interruption. Siemens NXAirS with SIQuench, your natural choice.
To adapt global climate change and actively response to domestic environmental protection regulations, Siemens launched new eco-friendly blue GIS portfolio in China, including 8DJH 12 (for secondary power distribution) and 8DAB 12 (for primary power distribution). Product Highlights: 8DJH 12 and 8DAB 12: Insulation medium based on the components of the ambient air, no F-gases or chemical additives, safe and non-toxic, global warming potential 1; Switching technique based on proven vacuum technology, with environmental-friendly technology and efficient design; Customers will continue to enjoy all benefits of Siemens gas-insulated switchgear in the future. It is taking a new step into the development of gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear. Can satisfy customers needs for higher reliability of power supply and personal safety.

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Siemens, as one of the global leading suppliers in power distribution business, offers one-stop Medium and Low Voltage Systems and Solutions for domestic and export markets. To shape reliable and intelligent power distribution grids for the new electricity age, the Distribution Systems Business Unit is investing into smarter, more eco-friendly and economical solutions to a digital, innovative and high-performance future. Our comprehensive portfolio meets the growing technical requirements of todays and tomorrows power grid and our systems are customized to meet customer specifications. From early engineering consultancy to project management and all the way to installation and commissioning, we provide integrated solutions and complete after-sales service. Through our co-creation with customers and partners, we support them to thrive and progress.
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