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新一代预智低压成套设备 BlokSeT / Okken / PrismaSeT系列,可实现标准网关、无线连接、测温等多种功能的预制化搭载,打造出厂即自带数字化基因的新型智能低压成套设备,为合作伙伴及最终用户带来无与伦比的数字化体验,结合多款数字化软件,全面优化配电资产从设计、建造到部署、营维的全生命周期数字化管理,提高用电可靠性,提升供配电系统的运维效率。
新一代ComPact NSX系列塑壳断路器
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新一代ComPact NSX系列塑壳断路器,通过模块化设计和产品系列的拓展,可实现无线通讯、电能质量及电气状态监测等数字化功能的快速扩展,以及对不同行业和使用场景个性化需求的满足,从而助力客户不断提高配电可靠性及能效和成本优化,创造更安全、智能、高效、灵活且专业的价值和体验。
环保型中压环网柜RM AirSeT和SM AirSeT与环保型中压充气柜GM AirSeT
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环保型中压环网柜RM AirSeT和SM AirSeT,与环保型中压充气柜GM AirSeT,这一系列产品通过使用干燥空气代替六氟化硫气体作为绝缘气体,结合真空灭弧技术,使用户能够更加安全、可持续地利用数字化技术解锁数据价值,并有效控制碳排放和成本效益。

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At Schneider, we believe access to energy and digital is a basic human right. We empower all to make the most of their energy and resources, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. We are committed to unleash the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community that is passionate about our Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values.
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