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XW-Blokset switchgear is specially designed for Schneider low voltage power distribution products, suitable for AC frequency of 50-60hz, rated voltage 1000V, rated current 6300A and below power supply and distribution system. It can be used as power distribution center, motor control center, capacitor compensation, terminal power distribution and other power control, conversion and distribution equipment. Blokset is applicable to power plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises civil construction infrastructure and other fields. It conforms toIEC604391. IEC61439. IEC 60529, IEC 60947, GB7251.1 and other standards.
New type low voltage switchgear enclosure is secondary development on the basis of GCK, MNS, GCS series switchgear, which absorb the electrica and structural to optimize the integration all the accessories. The stucture and electrical parameters can be totally replaced by our New Low Voltage Switchgear Enclosure, with significant "Universal" Rated current:63A for 1/4 drawer, 125A for 1/2 drawer; Auxiliary contacts 16, 24, 32 DLJ Series Operating Mechanism for 1/4 Drawer and 1/2 Drawer XW-Superset Incoming, capacitor, inverter and filters are all standard schemes, we will provide the designs and manufacturing solutions for clients. Feeder switchgear can be divided into fixed partition or fixed and withdrawable designs

Company Profile

Mainly produces the Superset(S cabinet) series of new low-voltage switchgear cabinets independently researched and developed, and the medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution equipment cabinets specially applied to ABB, Schneider and Siemens switch components. One stop service from switchgear enclosure to withdrawable modular to unassembled parts.
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