Scope Of Exhibits

Electric Power and Energy Automation

  • Power Automation System
  • Transmission And Distribution Automation System
  • IEC61850 Digital Substation System
  • Electricity Distribution Automation System
  • Renewable Energy Monitoring System

Electric Power Information System

  • Communications and Network Systems
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Industrial Ethernet Switch
  • Ethernet
  • Fiber Products
  • Solutions for High-Speed Power Line Communication and Related Technologies and Products
  • Measurement And Test System
  • Electric Power Automation Of Data Acquisition And Analysis System
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Superconducting Cable

Information Technology and Software of Electric Power Automation

  • Power Management Software / Systems (ERP / EAM / EMS)
  • Power Plant Control Software
  • Control System, SCADA
  • Sensor
  • Power IT Software Solutions
  • Solutions for Power Dispatching Automation Information System
  • Digital Power And Energy Solutions

Automation Instrument and Control System

  • Automation Instrumentation
  • Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Transmitter Control Valve Regulator
  • Actuator and Control Valve

Control System

  • Control and Data Acquisition System
  • Power Plant Control System
  • PC-Based Control System
  • Industrial Man-Machine Interface
  • Power Front-End Processor
  • Embedded Remote Terminal
  • Converter, Electrical Transmission and Motion Control System
  • Renewable Energy Control Systems and Power Distribution Automation System


  • Smart Meter
  • Laboratory Instruments and Devices
  • Electricity Measuring Instruments
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Electricity Meter Tester
  • Laboratory and Portable Meters
  • Power System Instrumentation