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NingboOubao Technology Co.,Ltd. Specializies in the production of high and low switch cabinet lock, case cabinet lock, instrument cabinet lock,communication cabinet lock and hinge, accessories and other products, with high quality and novel style, widely used in industrial cabinetengineering vehiclenetworkcommunication, computer industry,automobile industrynavigation, railway locomotive equipment, mechanical equipment and process equipment industry. For many years, Opel has always adhered to the business tenet of "product quality for survival, integrity service for development".We are committed to providing you with high quality products and services. There is a professional and dedicated design management team, from product design,mold production, product die-castingsprint surface treatment to assembly, which has carried out strict inspection and control on every link and process. After more than twenty years of production,operation and exploration Opel has established its own quality management system. Passed iso9001:2015quality system certification. Opel always implements the concept of creating value for customers, customizes products for customers, meets customersdifferent needs, and constantly provides customers with solutions and technical problems. Further development and innovation, keep improving. You are welcome to open the communication boundary We are the ideal partner to keep pace with you
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Material: zinc alloy base,handle stainless steel bolt, plastic electronic box Surface treatment: spray-painted black base, handle,electrolytic steel bolt Structure description: Active electronic lock Rated voltage: DC12V Rated current:≤0.25A Power consumption:≤3.6W Note: The default single-sided marble lock cylinder. This product is suitable for indoor use. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, and operate according to the instructions. Performance parameter Pull load value of handle:≤600N Torque value of handle:≤30N.m Working environment Temperature:-40~+65℃ Temperature:5~90% Altitude:-60m~4000m


Material: zinc alloy base, handle, lock assemblycarbon steel bolttransmission strip; Surface treatment:spray-painted(black linen) base, handle, white zinc plated steel bolt transmission strip Structure description:the rotating handle can open and close the door panel Handle bearing tension value ≤ 400N Handle load torque value:≤ 35n.M Maximum static load: 270n(steel bolt type)


Material: stainless steel hinge Surface treatment: brushed or mirror polished Structural description:The detachable type has left and right distinction,and can be opened at an angle of 180 Performance parameters: maximum static load Radial load:1200N Axialload:1300N

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