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Changyuan Technology Group Ltd. (CYG, stock abbreviation: Changyuan Group, stock code: 600525. SH ) was founded in 1986. The group is headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. After 36 years of development, in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Suzhou and other cities, We have 13 industrial parks, 18 high-tech companies, 3 national Little Giants enterprises and 5 National Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises. Over the years, the company established 2 national testing centers, 10 national, provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers, 9 provincial and municipal engineering technology centers, 1 postdoctoral research station and 1 postdoctoral innovation base. Now we have more than 7,400 employees, of which R&D technicians account for 55%.
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In response to the hidden faults in relay protection (i.e., faults that do not cause any impact during normal operation and are difficult to detect, but may be triggered by system failures or disturbances, leading to false operations, rejections, expanding the scope of impact, and even causing widespread blackouts due to protection defects or operational hazards caused by human factors), the PRS-7012-PM system expands the depth of situational awareness and the breadth of action evaluation through "online steady-state monitoring + fault transient analysis". It fully explores the value of operational information, scans and identifies hidden faults in a targeted manner, and conducts monitoring and evaluation to achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent diagnosis of protection hidden faults.



The PRS-7950-IPS remote intelligent inspection system is built to meet the operational and maintenance needs of substations, including automatic inspection, automatic recognition, intelligent early warning, and intelligent decision-making. It incorporates a three-dimensional integrated intelligent inspection system using unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, and high-definition videos. This system integrates various business data, such as substation operational information, equipment status monitoring information, and auxiliary equipment surveillance, to achieve comprehensive equipment status perception and enable intelligent applications such as machine replacement in operation and maintenance work. The goal is to enhance the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance tasks.



The VPP system is a virtual power plant software developed based on cloud-native architecture, which is secure, stable, flexible, and equipped with intelligent algorithms and efficient scheduling capabilities. It offers a range of services to different types of resource aggregators (including commercial and industrial sectors, as well as generation/storage/microgrid resources). These services include consulting on controllable load types, energy aggregation, access to regional power markets, integration with self-control systems, continuous optimization of dispatch algorithms, and electricity price forecasting. The VPP system enables the integration of distributed resources such as energy storage, photovoltaics, controllable loads, and charging stations. It also allows participation in various virtual power plant activities, such as demand response and ancillary services.

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