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Kiande whose business center is located in Suzhou which is described as a paradise on earth and his manufacturing center is in Zhenjiang. The company is specialized in manufacturing automatic equipments and electrical products accessories. We also focus on exploring the foreign trade business and serving for the foreign clients. Specialized in manufacturing and customizing busbar production machines including manual production line, semi-automatic production line, automatic production line, manual inspection machine, automatic inspection machine, automatic packing machine, automatic mylar film forming machine, automatic mylar film slitting machine, tape winding machine, automatic mylar wrapping machine, profile processing machine, busbar conductor multifunctional processing machine, digital bus bar punching machine, joint connection bar processing center, welding robot, elbow busbar production machine, busbar accessories.
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Automatic assembly line is customized according to clients busbar type. It can achieve unmanned operation no matter the busbar is fixed by rivet or bolt. Currently the busbar type is mainly divided into two types: two-piece type and four-piece type. By automatic assembly and fixing, the automatic assembly machine will help to reduce manpower and improve the product quality and working efficiency. The working principle is to recognize the busbar type and adjust all the parameters in the machine automatically by scanning the bar code. By module interconnection among PLC, network, touch screen and IPC etc., automatic assembly machine can also achieve information communication with ERP, automatic inspection machine and other related machines.Besides that, automatic assembly machine has self-checking functions by self diagnosing each input and output signal to avoid failures. Furthermore, data statistics for machines OEE (comprehensive utilization rate) is helpful for future data analysis


Digital bus bar punching machine is used to punch the two ends of busbar in one time to guarantee parallelism between busbar profile and conductor. This parallelism ensures the reliable connection between conductor and joint which can control joint temperature rising. Key point is that machine can adjust the rebound coefficient according to conductors material and width. Rebound coefficient varies by bending or different conductor width and this kind of adjustment can guarantee the parallelism.


busbar accessories for our busbar clients including busbar joints, tap-off units, joint insulation separator, insulation mylar, profile casting capped end, copper pins for tap-off unit, plug, socket, tap-off unit outgoing sheath, double head bolt and temperature indicator etc..

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