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Our high-performance industrial connectors are designed for severe requirements in industrial environments. Equipped with our tried and tested MULTILAM, they offer lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density. Our power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems and mobile transformers. Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection Stubli industrial connectors should be your preferred choice.
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(1)Two-component contact element, very good electrical and mechanical properties combined with high mating and sliding cycels. (2)High rated and short circuit current carrying capacity, facilitates small-sized designs with only one ML-CUX. (3)Large operating range, high flexibility and compensation of large tolerances, angular and radial misalignment. (4)Flexible with high self-retaining force, simple and fast assembly in rectangular mounting groove. (5)Very high lifespan with consistent performance characteristics, lower TCO. (6)100% tested product properties, guaranteed performance and reliability.


It is the optimal solution for a wide range of applications requiring high current capacity such as mobile power supply and distribution, industrial power supply with current up to 630A. The innovative robust patented locking mechanism enable easy connecting and disconnecting and guarantees consequently a safe user handling. Additionally 12 color coding and 7 mechanical coding possibilities ensures operator safety by preventing possible mating errors. Equipped with our tried and tested MULTILAM technology, the 16BL connectors offer lowest contact resistance, high reliability and long-life operation. Designed according to the valid connector international standards, user safety and easy handling is guaranteed.


The FSA10K was developed especially for the asian market. Its optimal design and small clamp dimensions allow for use between parallel busbars. These flat bar clamps have contact claws that can penetrate busbars' outer insulation. The claws can be replaced by the user on-site, reducing maintenance costs. The integrated plug is compatible with 16BV/16BL plug connector systmes for excellent safety and easy handling.

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