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The company is a national high-tech enterprise and it is also a scientific and technological enterprise of Zhejiang Province. The company is an enterprise that develops, produces and sells bimetallic special conductors and lightning protection grounding products. The products are mainly used on wire and cable, electronic communication, new energy vehicle cable, data cable, military communication conductor and electric appliance, petroleum and petrochemical, electrified railway, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic, new energy, civil and military construction facilities and other lightning protection grounding fields. Municipal bimetallic high-tech research and development center, patent demonstration enterprises independent intellectual property rights (patents) 23, including 2 patents for invention, 19 patents for utility models, passed intellectual property management system certification, military standard quality management system certification. Trademark " TYCCABLE®".
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The bare copper cable which is drawn and annealed with oxygen-free copper rod .and then hanged is mainly divided into hard copper strand TJ, soft copper strand TJR,. Tin-plated copper strand is formed by wire drawing annealing of oxygen-freecopper rod and close combination of tin with copper layer by advanced tin platingprocess, and then twisted into cable by polishing and oxidation resistance process.Tinned copper strand has the advantages of weldability and oxidation resistance. Thereare mainly tinned copper strand TJX and soft copper strand TJRX.. Copper strand and tinned copper strand are mainly used in power transmission conductor, connecting wire conductor and grounding grid conductor. AlI properties are in accordance with national standards and EU electrician standards.


TYCCABLE copper clad steel series strands select high quality steel, adopt advanced technology to tightly combine copper layer on the surface of steel, after drawing and twisting, form a good electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, good anticorrosion resistance, convenient construction and so on.Mainly used electric appliances, petrochemicals, electrified railways, firepower, wind power,photovoltaic, new energy, civil and military construction facilities and other lightning protection grounding fields and electrified railway load-bearing cables. The main specifications of copper clad steel stranded wire are GTJ6MM2-GTJ500MM2. The conductivity is 20%-40%, and the thickness of copper plating can be produced according to customer requirements, reaching 0.245mm and more.


Copper clad steel has 20 years of production technology and research and development capacity, the existing copper-coated steel has many patents from copper platingdrawing, annealing, oxidation resistance process, most of them have their own production capacity and technology. The bimetallic composite conductor material is made of high quality steel as raw material and advanced technology. It has the advantages of high strength light specific gravity, good extensibility and electrical conductivity of copper. The sudden skin effect of high frequency signal is kind of satisfied with the application of different occasions. The products are mainly used in communication cable, data cable, new energy vehicle cable electronic CP cable computer peripheral line military and civilian communication radar antenna equipment and other fields. Yongcheng copper clad steel wire products are in a leading position.

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